4,000 meters is an unrecognized altitude threshold within the United States. However, it is as well known where the metric system is used, as 14,000 feet is known in the US. This page is dedicated to climbing those peaks in Colorado that rise above 4,000 meters (13,123 feet)

Monday, February 14, 2011

Its Valentines Day. Is Spring that far away?

Here we are on February 14th, Valentine’s Day. Spring is not that far away and I am really looking forward to this upcoming season. 2011 will be the first climbing season in years that will not have any specific peak-climbing goals other than to climb some, have fun, and take pictures.

After finishing my 40 x 50 in 2010, this year is the beginning of climbing for fun and photography. I’m looking forward to starting on new 13ers like Horseshoe Mountain. Sleeping overnight on the summit of a 14er, and just getting out there and having fun with friends and family. The call went out for WTS instructors a few weeks ago so there is outdoor activity in the air. WTS is always a great way to shake the cobwebs loose and “remember” all the stuff I forgot in the off season.

Don, my climbing partner, is expecting his second child in July. That sort of messes up this upcoming climbing season but he has assured me that he will at least get one new 14er in. Probably Antero. Maybe Tabeguache. I remember climbing Antero way back in 2002 and I look forward to a return. Tabeguache would have to be done by a different route cause I am NOT going to climb Shavano again.

Stay tuned…This will be a great year.