4,000 meters is an unrecognized altitude threshold within the United States. However, it is as well known where the metric system is used, as 14,000 feet is known in the US. This page is dedicated to climbing those peaks in Colorado that rise above 4,000 meters (13,123 feet)

Monday, January 18, 2010

4,000 Meters - The Unknown Threshold

4,000 Meters is the unknown altitude threshold within the US. However, the 4,000 m threshold is as well known in Europe where the metric system is used, as is 14,000 feet in the US.

How high is 4,000 meters? It is 13,123.3596 feet, or to round a bit, it is 13, 123 feet.

After completing my 14er list, which includes 40 14ers, I will turn my attention to climbing the hundreds of magnificent and far less visited 13ers within the state of Colorado for the purposes of photography, writing, and pure enjoyment.

With some luck I should complete my remaining three 14ers this year in the climbing season of 2010. At that point my attention will be entirely on the 13ers and this blog.


Me on top of Audubon Peak (13,221 ft). a magnificent 13er in the Indian Peaks Wilderness of Colorado

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  1. Good Storytelling and information on trail conditions & equipment used. Thanks. DJD-2